Department of Petrochemical Technology

Lab facilities

Equipment Name
Fluid Flow operations laboratory
Friction factor determination for laminar flow
Friction factor determination for turbulent flow
Determination of discharge coefficient for venture meter
Determination of characteristics of a centrifugal pump
Flow through packed bed
Determination of velocity profile using pitot tube in circular conduit
Flow through a helical coil
Determination of discharge coefficient for V - Notch
Orifice meter
Fluidized bed column
Reynolds Apparatus
Bernoulli's Theorem Apparatus
Rotameter Test Rig
Mechanical Operations Laboratory
Ball mill
Roll mill
Jaw crusher
Leaf filter
Drop weight crusher
Therminal Falling Velocity
Sieve shaker (1 HP single phase)
Sieve shaker (1 HP single phase)
Technical Analysis Lab
Muffle Furnace
UV - VIS Spectrometer
Electronic balance
Mass Transfer Laboratory
Diffusivity apparatus
Tray dryer
Steam distillation unit
Wetted wall column
Vapor - liquid equilibrium equipment setup
Solid in air diffusion apparatus
Liquid - liquid extraction in packed bed tower
Simple distillation unit
Stage wise Leaching
Soxhlet Extraction apparatus
Heat Transfer Laboratory
Composite Walls Apparatus
Natural Convection Apparatus
Forced convection apparatus
Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus
Vertical Condenser and Horizontal Condenser
Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
Parallel Flow and Counter Flow Heat Exchanger(Double pipe Heat Exchanger)
Plate type Heat Exchanger
Jacketed pan evaporator
Chemical Reaction Engineering Laboratory
Isothermal Semi - Bath Reactor
Packed Bed Reactor
Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor
Plug flow & Continuously Stirred Tank Reactors Connected in series
RTD Studies in Tubular Reactor
RTD Studies in CSTR
RTD Studies in Packed Bed Reactor
Isothermal Batch Reactor
Adiabatic Batch Reactor
Laboratory Stirrer Equipped 4000 rpm (0.5HP single phase)
Magnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate
Plug Flow Reactor With Air Compressor (New)
Cascade continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (New)
RTD Studies in Packed Bed Reactor With Air Compressor (New)
Reactor Cum Distillation
Isothermal Batch Reactor (New)
Isothermal Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor With Air Compressor + Electronic Balance (New)
Four Continuously Stirred Tank Reactors of equal volume Connected in series
Process Dynamics and Control Laboratory
LVDT characteristics module
1st and 2nd order system
Interacting and Non Interacting Systems
Purge control system with air compressor and Computer
Cascade Control Trainer and SCADA software
Control Valve Trainer
Petrochemical Analysis Laboratory
Orsat Apparatus
UV Spectrophotometer
Refractive Index
KF Titrator
Total Acidity Determination
Centrifuge machine
Petroleum Product Testing Laboratory
Bomb Calorimeter
Automatic Flash point Apparatus
Rotary Vacuum Evaporator
Ductility Apparatus
Softening Point Apparatus
ASTM Distillation
Refractive Index
Copper Strip Corrosion
Research Laboratory
Electronic Balance ATX 224 SHIMADZU
Incubator Shaker
Programmable Timer
UV Spectrophoto meter
Biosorptive Foam Column
Numeric UPS
Laminar Airflow Chamber
Digital Homogenizer
Digital Overhead Stirrer
Electroic Precision Balance
Ph/MV meter
Taylor Uortex Column fabrication
RDC Extraction column
Water double distillation
2 KVA online UPS
Hot air oven
High speed centrifuge
Hybridization Incubator