Department of Petrochemical Technology


Sl. No. Title of the Patent Inventors Reference Number Patent Organization Status
1 A Bat source string succored Serrated H - Bridge Symmetrical MLI for solar PV Grid Integration Stalin.N et al 2021104665 dated 28.07.2021 Australia Patent Granted
2 Inventive optimization tactics to diminish harmonic distortion in component count waned normally bypassed cascaded sources multilevel inverter Stalin.N et al 2021101990 dated 16.04.2021 Australia Patent Granted
3 System and Method for Fuzzy-Based Control and Measurement of Temperature and Humidity for Greenhouse K. Kumaraguru et al 2021100311 dated 19.01.2021 Australia Patent Granted
4 Internet of Things based Smart Water Testing Drone System for Sewage Testing Process K. Kumaraguru et al 202041054166 A dated 18.12.2020 India Patent Applied
5 Design of component count reduced dual-mode segmented ladder-structured multilevel inverter K. Kumaraguru et al 202041043814 dated 08.10.2020 India Patent Applied