Ragging means display of noisy, disorderly conduct, doing any act which causes or is likely to cause
physical or physiological harm or raise apprehension or fear or shame or Embarrassment to a student in any
educational institution.

Thus ragging includes :

  • Teasing, abusing or playing practical jokes on, or causing hurt to a student
  • or
  • Asking the students to do any act or perform something which a student Will not carry out in the ordinary course, willingly

Punishment Includes :

  • Two years imprisonment
  • Fine to the tune of Rs.2.5 lakhs
  • Dismissal from the educational institution
  • Shall not be admitted in any other educational institution

       Hence students, particularly the seniors, are requested to refrain from any such criminal act.
Juniors are requested to report about any ragging activity to the officials Immediately without any fear.

Sl No. Name of the Faculty Department Designation Phone No.
01 Dr.G.Geetharamani, Asst.Professor Maths Chairman 9597502404
02 Dr.M.Gopinath, Deputy-Director Physical Education Vice-Chairman 9345640311
03 Mr.B.Kumaragurubaran, Asst.Professor Mechanical Member 9443882060
04 Ms.V.Tamil Elakkiya, Asst.Professor Bio-Tech Member 9994303418
05 Mr.N.Ilavarasan, Asst.Professor Civil Member 9865082422
06 Dr.P.Sivakumar, Asst.Professor Automobile Member 9487560932
07 Dr.P.Anbalagan, Asst.Professor EEE Member 9841552060
08 Mr.P.Maheswara Venkatesh, Asst.Professor ECE Member 9865799677
09 Mrs.C.kanimozhi, Asst.Professor CSE Member 9442422917
10 Ms.V.M.Priyadharshini, Asst.Professor I.T. Member 9965834502
11 Dr.K.Kavitha, Asst.Professor Pharmaceuticals Member 9847954918
12 Mr.K.Kumaraguru, Asst.Professor Petrochemicals Member 9894969902
13 Mr.C.Sathianarayanamoorthi, physical Trainer Physical Education Member 9865150685
14 Mr.M.Robinson, Asst.Professor MBA Member 9865608787
15 Dr.A.Valarmathi, Head of the Deptartment MCA Member 9994876870
16 Mr.R.Udhyakumar, Asst.Professor Chemistry Member 9443441023
17 Dr.R.Krishnaveni, Asst.Professor English Member 9842686518
18 Dr.A.Viswanathan, Asst.Professor Physics Member 9790326752
19 Ms.S.Kalaiselvi, Asst.Professor Maths Member 9842353073