National Facility For Drug Development


To establish an advanced industrial research facility to support academia and pharmaceutical industries on validation of drugs from natural products and new chemical entities (NCE).

To develop animal and cell culture models for initial screening and evaluation of lead compounds from herbals and NCE. To develop novel formulations on herbal and synthetic drugs.

To integrate pharmacology and toxicology and allied science for research and development.

To organize national workshops and training programs to develop quality human resource on herbal and new chemical entities drug development.


National Facility for Drug Development (NFDD) for Academia, Pharmaceutical and Allied Industries was sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi at Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Anna University -BIT Campus, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India.

NFDD had its beginning in the year 2010 with a financial assistance of Rs. 6.00 crores from DST, New Delhi and an in-house support of Rs.1.50 crores with a mission to encourage drug discovery and development research at an advanced level. NFDD is being established with a vision of drug development, animal model development for drugs and chemicals of herbal as well as synthetic origin which makes a unique contribution to the global stream.

The Establishment not only ends with development of lab facilities, it may also extend up to the level of excellence in area of research by making collaborations with national and international research organisations. NFDD is one of the unique research centres in South India having requisite infrastructural facilities and well-established laboratories with highly sophisticated equipments.

The Road map of NFDD includes:

  • Development of skilled individuals in drug discovery and development through advanced training.
  • To use the established advance research facility to carry out collaborative research with institutions/ Industries and for performing consultancy research work.
  • Established facility will be open to the researchers of Universities / Institutions and Pharmaceutical Industries.
  • Training for research scholars to obtain their Ph.D.'s in various research disciplines/areas.
  • Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals & Patents at National and International Level.
  • Creation of Public Awareness about the predominant diseases of human society and preventive measures for them.
  • To conduct National and International Level seminars and wokshops to have interactions and to obtain the research outcomes from the experts of various countries in a global level.