Student Affairs

Welcome to this page and thank you for taking a moment to read these words introducing you to student affairs. Office of the Student Affairs is a multi-faceted office that strives to provide students with the necessary tools and support to make difficult situations more manageable. The staffs in the Office of the Student Affairs provide a student-centered approach to enhance the student experience by servicing and maintain an inclusive, welcoming, and safe campus community.

The main objectives are:

→ Helps in receiving the receipt of approval orders related with Readmission, Transfer (from DOTE) through Center of student affairs, Chennai.

→ Helps in receiving the approval orders for name change of students and break of study based on medical certificate from Center of Student affairs ,Chennai.

→ To solve the discrepancy that arises at the time of payment of semester fees to AUKDC, Chennai.

→ To issue all kinds of Bonafide certificates, Transfer certificates and course completion certificates .

→ To avail Scholarships for all categories