Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering


Sl No. Title of the programme Date Co-ordinators
1 One day national level seminar on "Strategic Teaching Quality Management for Technical Teachers-STQM-13" March 16th 2013 M.Bhuvaneswari A.P
2 National seminar on strategic teaching quality management for technical teachers 16th March, 2012 R.Jayarani A.P
3 Speech Processing and its applications 24.07.2010 and 25.07.2010 N.Sozhamadevi A.P
4 Two day National level seminar on "Design Issues and Research Challenges of OFDM in Wireless Networks" 4th & 5th Feb, 2011 M.Bhuvaneswari A.P
N.S.Pradeep A.P


Sl No. Title of the programme Date Co-ordinators
1 CSIR sponsored national level conference on "Nascent technologies in signal processing & Communication" 13-14th March, 2011 R.Jayarani A.P
2 CSIR Sponsored National Conference in Signal&image Processing & Communications -steering Committee member 17/3/11 & 18/3/11 M.Bhuvaneswari A.P


Sl No. Title of the programme Date Co-ordinators
1 HSMN'13 A Compendium in High Speed and Mobile Networks 05.08.2013 to 11.08.2013 M.Bhuvaneswari A.P
2 Two days Workshop on "Internet Programming " 08.10.2013 & 09.10.2013 P.Seethalakshmi A.P
P.Maheswara venkatesh A.P
T.Jayasankar A.P
3 One day workshop on Renesas RL78-16 bit Microcontroller 30th may 2012 S.Kulasekara Pandian A.P
P.Ramadevi A.P
4 Two days workshop on "INTEL 8051 Microcontroller Based System Design " 20 and 21 October 2013 N.Sozhamadevi A.P
S.Kulasekara Pandian A.P
P.Ramadevi A.P
5 Two days National level Workshop on" Networking simulation tools" 17/7/10 & 18/7/10 M.Bhuvaneswari A.P
P.Maheswara venkatesh A.P