National Facility For Drug Development

The Make & Model of the sophisticated equipments available are:

LC-MS/ MS (picture and content)

Equipment: LC-MS/ MS
Make: Bruker Daltonics
Model: MicrOTOF-Q III with APCI Source & Dionex Ultimate 3000 RSLC
LCMS/MS has a mass Range (extended) 20-3000 m/z (20-20000 m/z), Mass accuracy better than 3 ppm RMS Error (internal) and 5 ppm RMS Error (external) for both MS and MS/MS spectra, Mass resolution of 20,000 (FWHM) and a True Isotopic Pattern (TIP) for both MS and MS/MS spectra. All parameters are delivered simultaneously to provide the most complete insight into the sample.
Small Molecule Identification of the unknown analyte, Target Screening Multiple target screening, Metabolomics study LC-MS based Screening (biological and plant metabolomics), Proteomics Analysis of Intact Protein Identification, Bioavailability studies, Drug metabolism studies, pharmacokinetics, Characterization of potential drugs, Drug degradation product analysis, Screening of drug candidates, Identifying drug targets, Biomolecule characterization-Proteins and peptides, Oligonucleotides, Environmental analysis-Pesticides on foods Soil and groundwater contamination, Forensic analysis/clinical

U(H)PLC (picture and content)

Equipment: U(H)PLC
Make: Shimadzu
Model: Nexera UPLC
Ultra high performance liquid chromatography means the highest resolution, highest sensitivity and fastest analysis-in other words, a superlative LC system.
Analysis of Biogenic substances-Sugar, lipid, nucleic acids, amino acids, proteins, peptides, steroids, amides; Medical products-Drugs, antibiotics; Food products-Vitamins, food additives, sugars, organic acids, amino acids; Organic industrial products-Synthetic polymers, additives, surfactants.

UV-Visible Spectrophotometer (picture and content)

Equipment: UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
Make: Shimadzu
Model: UV-2600 Spectrophotometer with Integrating sphere ISR-2600plus
UV/Vis spectroscopy is routinely used in the quantitative determination of solutions of transition metal ions, highly conjugated organic compounds, and biological macromolecules.
Detection of impurities, structure elucidation of organic compounds, quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, chemical kinetics, detection of functional group, quantitative analysis of pharmaceutical substances, examination of polynuclear hydrocarbons, molecular weight determination.

Nano Particle and Zeta Potential Analyzer (picture and content)

Equipment: Nano Particle and Zeta Potential Analyzer
Make: Malvern
Model: NANO ZS Series
Nano Particle Size and Zeta Potential Analyser permits accurate zeta potential measurement in a wide concentration range of 0.00001 to 40% (w/v), eliminating the need to dilute samples.
Measurement of the size, electrophoretic mobility of proteins, zeta potential of colloids and nanoparticles, colloid and emulsion characterization, high sensitivity of nanoparticles, proteins and macromolecules, optimize the formulations of suspensions and emulsions.

HPTLC (without picture-only the content)

Equipment: HPTLC
Model: HPTLC System
HPTLC helps to identify and quantify the active constituents present in the herbal extracts.
Biochemical Research, Clinical, Cosmetics, Environmental Analysis, Food Analysis, Pharmaceuticals, Natural Products, Plant Ingredients, Toxicology, Forensic Analysis, Doping Analysis

Multimode Micro Plate Reader (picture and content)

Equipment: Multimode Micro Plate Reader
Make: Perkin Elmer
Model: Enspire Multi Label Plate Reader
Multimode Microplate Readers are used for analyzing samples in micro-titre volumes with the detection modes of spectral absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence, in the field of drug discovery research and bioassay validation.
Enzyme kinetics and end-point assays , Cell signalling & imaging assays, Cell proliferation, viability & toxicity studies, Fluorescent protein expression, Bio & Chemiluminescence, Ion Channels flux assays & Imaging, Immunoassays, Molecular interactions, Nucleic acid and Protein Quantitation.

Inverted Fluorescence Microscope (picture and content)

Equipment: Inverted Fluorescence Microscope
Make: Nikon
Model: TiE
Inverted Microscopes are ubiquities analytical instruments in which the body, ocular and objective are located underneath the stage, while the specimen is illuminated from above.
To study the living cells and tissue cultures with Phase contrast, Fluorescent, Multi-dimensional Imaging, Nomarski DIC, Time-lapse and Live Cell Imaging techniques. Visualization, Measurement and analysis of microstructures.

Gel Documentation System (picture and content)

Equipment: Gel Documentation System
Model: Gel Doc EZ Imager
Gel documentation or gel imaging systems are used to record and measure labelled nucleic acid and protein in various types of media such as agarose, acrylamide or cellulose.
Detection and Quantification of Genes & Proteins based on their sizes by Gel & Western Blot imaging, Monoclonal & Polyclonal Binding Affinities, Post-Translational Modification Characterization, 2D Electrophoresis, UV & Fluorescence imaging, Colony counting and Immunoassays.

Airway Mechanical Analyzer (picture and content)

Equipment: Airway Mechanical Analyzer
Make: Emka Technologies,France
Model: Whole Body Plethysmograph & Double chamber Plethysmograph with IOX-FULL PULMO software The non invasive whole body plethysmography, is proven way to study pulmonary function and evaluate bronchoconstriction on unrestrained conscious animals. The non invasive measurements results in less strain placed on the animals and allows repeated testing of the same animal at multiple time points. Double chamber Plethysmograph is used to study the specific airway measurements on restrained conscious animals.
Experimental asthma studies in rodents, Experimental cough studies in guinea pigs, Allergen induced airway measurements, pulmonary function testing in rodents.

Airway Mechanical Analyzer (picture and content)

Equipment: Airway Mechanical Analyzer
Make: SCIREQ, Canada
Model: Inhalation Exposure Inexpose base unit with accessories & Inexpose-Flexi ware software inExpose (Scireq Inc) is an integrated and compact tool for exposing subjects to profiles of pharmacological compounds, cigarette smoke and other toxins.
The inExpose permits a wide range of gases, airborne substances and pollutants to be delivered to the subjects via the exposure systems. Inhalation exposure studies using a wide range of aerosolized drugs and compounds, cigarette smoke and a variety of other toxins.