List of Print Journals Subscribed:

S.No.Name of the Journal
1Indian Journal of Human Genetics
2Indian Journal of experimental Biology
3Indian Journal of Biotechnology
4Journal of Plant Bio-Chemistry & Bio-technology
5Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology
6Chemical Engineering Progress
7Hydrocarbon Processing
8Indian Drugs
9Indian Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology
10Indian Journal of Pharmacology
11IDMA Bulletin
12Indian Journal of Chemistry Sec A
13Indian Journal of Chemistry Sec B
14Nandhini Chemical Journal
15Current Science
16Journal of Scientific Industrial Research
17Chemical Weekly
18Nazareth Educational Pedagogy And Education Research
19International Journal of Advanced Computing and Communication Technology
20The IIS University Journal of Social Science
21The librarian Journal
22Journal of Science Technology And Management
23Journal of Pure, Applied And Industrial Physics
24ICTACT journal on Image and Video Processing
25Journal of Current Development In Mechanical Engineering
26Indian Journal of Applied Science And Innovative Technology
27Indian Society For Technical Education
28ICTACT Journal of Soft computing
29ICTACT Journal of communication technology