Department of Physics

Sponsored Projects & Industrial Consultancy

Sl No. Name of the Staff Title of the Project Funding Agency Amount Sanctioned Status (On-going/Completed)
1. Dr. S.BRAHADEESWARAN Ultra-fast Transient Spectroscopy To Probe Charge Carrier Dynamicsin Molecular Semiconductor Crystals -An Indigenous and Cost- Effective Approach DST Rs.18,47,200/- On going
2. Dr.G.SENGUTTUVAN Studies on preparation of NiO Doped P-Type AZO nanoparticle-Polymer thin films for NEMS Application. CTDT Rs.50,000.00/- Completed
3. Dr. V.R.SARMA DHULPALA Mobile Phone Sensing Mechanism For Stress Relaxation Using Wireless Sensor Network. TNSCST Rs.10,000.00/- Completed
4. Dr. I. VETHA POTHEHER Development of highly efficient mannich base organic NLO crystals for electro-optic applications. CTDT Rs.50,000.00/- Completed
5. Dr. A.VISWANATHAN Laser cladding of AISI316L stainless steel with rare earth oxides for wear resistive applications. CTDT Rs.50,000.00/- Completed