Department of Physics

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UG Laboratories: (All B.E/B.Tech Branches)
Anna University Chennai Regulation 2013

List of conducting Experiments:

    • a).Determination of Wavelength, and particle size using Laser.
    • b).Determination of acceptance angle in an optical fiber.
  1. Determination of velocity of sound and compressibility of liquid-Ultrasonic interferometer.
  2. Determination of wavelength of mercury spectrum-spectrometer grating.
  3. Determination of thermal conductivity of a bad conductor-Lee's Disc method.
  4. Determination of Young's modulus by Non uniform bending method.
  5. Determination of specific resistance of a given coil of wire-Carey Foster's Bridge.

(All B.E/B.Tech Branches)
Except Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Department
List of conducting Experiments: II SEMESTER

  1. Determination of Young's modulus by uniform bending method.
  2. Determination of band gap of a semiconductor.
  3. Determination of Coefficient of viscosity of a liquid-Poiseuille's method.
  4. Determination of Dispersive power of a prism-Spectrometer.
  5. Determination of thickness of a thin wire-Air wedge method.
  6. Determination of Rigidity modulus-Torsion pendulum.

PG Laboratory:M.Tech(Nanoscience and Technology) Regulation 2013 List of conducting Experiments:I-SEMESTER


  1. Chemical synthesis of Ag nanoparticles; UV-Visible absorption of the colloidal sol; Mie formalism; Estimation of size by curve fitting.
  2. Chemical synthesis of CdS nanoparticles; Optical absorption spectra; Band gap estimation from the band edge.
  3. Aqueous to organic phase transfer of Ag and CdS nanoparticles; Confirmation by UV- Visible absorption.
  4. Microwave assisted polymerization synthesis of ZnO nanowires.
  5. Sol gel synthesis of metal oxide (ZnO, TiO, CdO) nanoparticles.
  6. Mechanical ball milling technique to oxide ceramics preparation: crystallite size measurement by XRD.
  7. A bio leaf extraction route to Ag/Cu/Fe nanoparticles.
  8. Electro spinning of polymer nanofibers: surface morphology by SEM.
  9. Hydrothermal synthesis of ZnS Nanorods: Nanorods formation by SEM analysis.
  10. Synthesis of aqueous ferro fluid by chemical method
  11. Nano crystalline copper metallic powder by polyol method.
  12. Metallic Ni particle by chemical reduction method.
  13. Multi ferrites bimetallic nanoparticles synthesis.
  14. Synthesis of core-shell nanoparticles.


  1. MATLAB programme to plot the first four Eigen functions of a one-dimensional rectangular potential well with infinite potential barrier.
  2. Numerical solution of the Schrodinger wave equation for a rectangular potential well with infinite potential barrier using MATLAB programme.
  3. Toy model in molecular electronics: IV characteristics of a single level molecule.
  4. To determine the lattice constant and lattice angles for atomically resolved STM image of HOPG (Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite using offline Scanning Probe Imaging Processor (SPIP) Software.
  5. To determine the surface roughness of raw and processed AFM images of glass, silicon and films made by different methods using offline SPIP software.
  6. Simulation of I-V Characteristics for a single Junction circuit with a single quantum Dot using MOSES 1.2 Simulator.
  7. Study of Single Electron Transistor using MOSES1.2 Simulator.
  8. Molecular Modelling and Simulation for Benzamide, Styrene, CNT using Material studio.
  9. Digital Image processing using Matlab.

List of conducting Experiments: II SEMESTER


  1. Determination of size and lateral dimensions of various samples (pollen grains, strands of hair) using a high magnification optical microscope.
  2. Synthesis of SiO2 polysphere film and morphology characterization using an Optical microscope.
  3. Surface topography of sputtered AlN/CuN film using AFM; thickness across a step.
  4. Surface topography of SiO2 film using AFM; step measurements.
  5. Surface topography of a polymer film on glass using AFM in the non-contact (tapping) mode; Phase imaging
  6. Nanoindentation on a polycarbonate substrate using AFM; F-D curves and hardness determination.
  7. Dip-pen lithography using AFM with molecular inks.
  8. Surface topography of a sputtered Ag film using STM; current and height imaging.
  9. Surface topography of a freshly cleaved Mica.
  10. Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy (STS) on Multi walled Carbon Nanotubes deposited on HOPG.
  11. Sol-gel spin coating route to SnO2 nano thin films: surface roughness measurement by AFM.
  12. Electro deposition of Cu nano structures and its morphology.