Department of Pharmaceutical Technology

Programme Educational Objectives:

  1. To prepare students for prosperous spectrum of career avenues in academia, advanced research, industries of pharmaceutical technology, biomedicine, biotechnology, law, business and government and other pharmaceutical pursuits through dissemination of knowledge and proficiency in engineering and technology fundamentals related to pharmaceutical technology and the ability to solve problems.

  2. To transfuse in students the sense of confidence in professional endeavors by application of the derived knowledge and appreciation of economical impact in a societal context.

  3. To provide collegial and nurturing environment for the students to realize the professional, ethical obligations and their concern to protect the health and welfare of the public, and to be accountable for the social and environmental impact of their practice.

  4. To create an enjoyable educational environment in which students participate in multi-disciplinary, team oriented, open-ended curricular and co-curricular activities that prepare them to work either individually and as an integrated team member.

  5. To facilitate the students to gain the wisdom of fundamentals and advances to practice pharmaceutical technology and interdisciplinary research as career of constructive service to society and higher learning.