Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation Institute,
Government of Tamil Nadu
Academic Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development
Program (AIEDP) –Tiruchirappalli Hub
University College of Engineering, BIT Campus, Tiruchirappalli

About EDII-AIEDP Trichy Hub:

  University College of Engineering, BIT Campus, Anna University, Tiruchirappalli is recognized by Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation Institute, Government of Tamil Nadu as a nodal HUB from 2018 for TRICHY region which comprises of SPOKE COLLEGES from following districts TIRUCHIRAPPALLI, KARUR, DINDIGUL and PERAMBALUR for implementing ‘Academic Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Program’ (AIEDP or IEDP). On 12.03.2018 EDII-AIEDP Trichy Hub was inaugurated by Mr. R. Shiva Shankar, PMO-IEDP/Deputy Director- EDII, TN, Dr. T. Senthilkumar, EDII-AIEDP Trichy Hub Coordinator and Dr. K. Kumaraguru, EDII-AIEDP Trichy Hub Co-Coordinator.

  The EDII-AIEDP Trichy hub will motivate those ‘Entrepreneurship & Innovation Cells’ of colleges agreed to be the hub-spoke college through programmes, workshops and innovation challenges regarding Innovation & Entrepreneurship; for the top management representatives, faculties of E&I or ED-Cell Coordinators and Student E-cell members for the following objectives:

  • Build capacity of college management and faculty to support and sustain E&I
  • Create & build an entrepreneurial & innovative ecosystem with effective partnerships.
  • Initiate and sustain entrepreneurship competency development processes
  • Catalyse and support product and process innovations within campus
  • Create & support entrepreneurs within campus and in the community around.

  EDII-AIEDP Trichy Hub will support around 20-40 colleges. To implement IEDP and have an agreement between Hub & Spoke, there will be a half day Top Management Program for the Chairman / Principal of each institution, preceding the Entrepreneurship Educator Training for Faculty. The trained faculty will in turn undertake the training to about 100 students of spoke institutions supported by a Field Coordinator of EDII-AIEDP Trichy Hub. There is no fee for all these arrangements from the spoke institutions. As of now, 43 Institutions are attached with University College of Engineering, BIT Campus, Anna University, Tiruchirappalli for getting benefitted through IEDP program. Successful implementation of the program is based on structured set of activities on campus, ideation, opportunity evaluation and selection, and most importantly, management involvement in the whole process.

  EDII-AIEDP Trichy Hub also offers credit based Massive Open Online Course in Basic and Advanced Course in Entrepreneurship through a digital platform to interested spoke college student E-members in partnership with ‘Wadwani Foundation-National Entrepreneurship Network’ and ‘Tamil Nadu Open University’ through an MoU from EDII, TN.

  EDII TN has created the AIEDP web portal www.iedp-ediitn.in for registering interested colleges for inculcating entrepreneurship activities among their students.